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Browsing & Checkout Tips:

Thanks so much for checking out our new online store!


When reviewing the books on the site, please keep an eye on the text to the right of the book cover:

  • "Usually Ship in 1-5 Days" means these books are readily available! They'll leave the warehouse within 1-5 days and we can either ship them directly to you or hold them for you at the store.
  • "Backordered" titles will be delayed, sometimes significiantly. We may or may not have a date from our distributor as to when we can expect it back in stock. 
  • For anything you can't find, it's always possible that we have it used in the shop--if you'd like us to check, give us a ring during business hours or send us an email at


During the checkout process, there are a few important things to know!

  • To Use a Gift Card: During checkout, there is a pane where you can enter your gift card number -- this is applicable to both eGift Cards and plastic gift cards. You'll still need to provide CC info in case the gift card does not cover the full cost of the items, but we'll charge your gift card first before applying a CC payment.
  • To Use a Membership: Follow the instructions above for gift cards, and reach out to us at for a discount code you can use to apply the 10% off to your order.
  • If you're having trouble checking out (sometimes the CC processor can be finicky about address details, etc.), the "Pay in Store" option will generally sidestep any issues with CC verification at checkout. If you'd like contactless pickup, that can still be arranged if you call us with payment info when your book(s) come in. 
  • Or, when faced with checkout troubles, feel free to send us an email at with some basic order details. We can go in and find your carted order and manually bring it through on our end. If you have CC info entered, we'll simply change it to "Pay in Store," set it up in our order system, and keep it moving for you. 



  • I received a confirmation e - mail. Does this mean that my order is ready to be picked up or has been shipped?

No. This just means that we've received your order, you will be contacted when your order has shipped or is ready to be picked up.

  • When will I get my book(s)?

We strive to complete orders as soon as we can. For store pickup, orders typically arrive in store within about a week or so, depending upon the location of the warehouse we source your book(s) from. The further away it is, the longer it will take to be delivered to us. For anything that we're shipping directly to you, we strive to ship within a week, and delivery time depends on the method of shipping selected. For any orders with out of stock items, we will provide an estimated date whenever possible.

  • What happens after I place my order?

Once your order has been processed, a hold authorization will be placed on your card for the amount of the order. Then, an actual human being will review the order and provide an update -- we strive to do this at least every 24-48 hours. If your order can be filled from in-store stock, we'll do so immediately. If we need to order your book for in-store pickup, we'll do that and give you an estimated amount of time for when we expect the order to come in -- usually about a week as long as nothing exceptional happens. Your card will be charged when the book ships out or arrives in the shop.

We do our best to make sure we "dot every i," but occasionally wires get crossed or something unusual happens. If you ever have questions about the status of your order, please reach out to us at, which will be the fastest way to get an answer to your question. If you come by the store, the person on duty will of course do their best to help based on the information in our order system, but they are unlikley to be the same person who reviewed and facilitated the initial order, so may not be able to give you an answer on the spot!

  • Can I place a pre-order?

Yes! Absolutely.

If you are ordering a book that is several weeks or more out from its pub date, and you plan to pick it up in the store, we recommend selecting the "Pay at Store" option at checkout. Generally, we prefer to charge cards once your book has arrived at the store or ships out to you. But with pre-orders, the card authorizations taken at checkout generally expire before the books come in, which means we'll be unable to process payment at this later date. If this happens, we'll reach out to let you know and convert the order to "Pay at Store." However, if you'd prefer that we charge your pre-order up-front, just let us know and we'll do that for you instead. 

If you're pre-ordering something to ship directly to you, we'll charge the card at the time we place the order with our distributor, which is usually within a few days of the order being placed. 

  • What if I need to return something?

Most books ordered through this site are not returnable. Please review our return policies and contact us with any further questions.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, and Binnacle gift cards. If you pay in-store we can also accept cash.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

Log in, select 'My Account' and 'Orders' -- a list of all orders and their current status is provided. We also send status update emails as we order and receive your book(s). Try checking your spam folder if you haven't heard anything. If you have additional questions, reach out to us at


If you have a question that is not addressed here, please reach out to us via email.






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